Friday, October 10, 2014

How do you think?

Thinking in burps and farts does not a good writer make. Writing requires sustained thinking, preferably with honed creative and critical thinking skills. Nor does that mean thinking in pukes and bowel movements. 

You have your own style of thinking and this is a good thing. Learning to enhance your skills within that style promotes success in writing and in life. However, these skills, like those that are physical, require exercise and practice, accompanied by guidance to assure you don't sprain your brain. 

How do you do this? Start by identifying your style. This process can take many different forms. 

  • Maybe you're a visual thinker (you'd rather read the comic). 
  • Maybe you're more focused on verbiage (you hate it when "you're" is incorrectly replaced with "your"). 
  • Maybe you assign emotions to different thoughts (you pay attention when you hear onomatopoeia like "feh")
  • Maybe you are inspired when you eat something sweet (no wonder you're overweight)
  • Maybe you need kinetic stimulation (you are touched when you are touched)
Think about it.