Saturday, October 24, 2015

Opinions & Creative Thinking

Take a stand. What harm could it do? Generate discussion? Create conflict? Maybe you will learn you are mistaken? All of the above? These are good things for both the creative and critical thinker. Why?

  • generating discussion opens doors to new information and pushes the limits of what you think you know
  • conflict that isn't personal is an opportunity to contrast ideas and/or find ideas that embrace opposing ones
  • learning to be mistaken and move on is a lifelong lesson that will haunt you unless you practice
Part of critical thinking, learning and embracing new knowledge requires overcoming resistance. You want to be right, right now, but sometimes you're not only wrong, the scaffolding of your arguments are faulty or your story is inauthentic. To others, a shift in thinking may not seem as big of a deal as it is to you. When you can set your ego aside and let go, your thinking and writing will be clearer, sounder and far more creative.