Monday, March 30, 2015

Gender Challenge

You don't always need to include gender as a target market, but sometimes it helps. For example, the sexiness of Fifty Shades of Grey attracts both genders, but the overall content targets women. This was no easy feat and E.L. James rose to the occasion. That's not to say that this book (and now movie) is brilliantly written, but it did gain traction beyond those who regularly read chick lit.

Part of identifying your target market will not only help you recognize for whom you are writing, but will help you cultivate your unique writing voice.Also, cultivating your writing voice will help you better identify your target market.

When critiquing, recognizing some of the fundamental differences between you and the author or writer will help you better understand their work. You may not be the target market, but applying creative and critical thinking skills will assure a better result.