Thursday, January 11, 2018

Dramafied Characters of Reactive Emotion

The dramafied process of integrating new knowledge (especially when in threatens a foundation of belief and understanding)  provokes emotion and resistance. Surrendering to your feelings is less about control and more about management. The order of emotional experience can vary and periodically turn in on itself.These are the main characters:.

EEK is about fear and the freak out that comes with confronting new information whose ramifications could force you to change your mind. Your sense of security and confidence is challenged.

GRR is a natural followup of the anger and frustration as you re-evaluate your beliefs.

POO can result in feelings of defeat because you are forced to recognize denial. However, it can also be an indication of your willingness to grieve over letting go of old beliefs.

UGH, like POO, can move you forward or stop you in your tracks with the depression that comes from recognizing a change is needed. However, it can also serve as a waiting period while your thoughts and emotions move towards acceptance.

AH HA is the payoff. There is great joy in changing your mind due to new knowledge, The spark of the moment of AH HA brings information together in a way that opens the door to new knowledge.