Friday, August 25, 2017

Sigmos, Memes & Brands

Consider these definitions:

sigmo = a significant moment of "ah ha" or laughter
meme =  a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea
brand = a mark of quick and effective identification

When presenting your thoughts, debating and writing, you're marketing your ideas. This begins with giving your target market a significant moment of validation, recognition or amusement as an initial means of engagement. Turning those ideas into memes has challenged even the best marketers. Why does some rhetoric or certain pictures go viral? No one really knows. However, although a few turn successful memes into a career, the life of most memes is short.

Branding gives ideas and written materials long life. Whether you like him or not, President Trump is a master of branding. His rants at rallies offer a vision that feeds the needs of his base. The rhetoric is memorable even when inappropriate. His brand is so powerful, there is little he can do to hurt his brand in the eyes of those who support him.

When thinking about the presentation or writing of ideas, consider branding. Grab your market with a sigmo and help your target market make a personal identification with your work. If you're lucky enough to see any or all of your work turn into a meme, use it to turn your work into a brand to maintain your market. 

The only hazard of branding (and memes) is they often take on a life of their own if you're not careful, and sometimes even when you are.