Sunday, October 15, 2017

Changing Your Mind

There are many types of online debaters on the multitude of platforms. These activities can be fun or serve as an outlet for frustration. Supposed debates that are ineffective include:

  • mutual ranting with rhetoric and memes
  • name-calling instead of providing substance
  • arguments that rely on fallacies
  • whining without making a point
Debates like these aren't really debates at all. Debate requires engagement, listening and focus. The best part of a good debate is that at the very least, you will learn something - you might even change your mind.

Re-evaluating and discarding arguments that you've always used is a challenge. You are required to dig deep and discover why you chose to believe such a thing in the first place. It's personal and conditioned by the nurturing you received or by those you deemed a reliable authority.

Letting go of a belief is a remarkable experience. Sometimes setting yourself up to change your mind is divine.Talk about a high.