Monday, August 17, 2015

Bringing the Brain Together

The model of left brain/right brain that evolved in the 1960's now makes for a terrific metaphor: The idea was that the left hemisphere holds the logic of the critical thinker, the right hemisphere holds the imagination of the creative thinker, and for each of us, one side is more dominant than the other.

We now know that certain cognitive functions and other specific brain activities may be located in a particular part of the brain but it is their interaction that maximizes thinking. In other words, thinking requires skills in critical analysis as well as creativity. When the synapses fire between the areas of the brain, thought happen.

Writing requires both critical and creative thinking skills. Your challenge is determining how to use your skills effectively. Do you think about the beginning and end before filling in the middle? Do you know the middle before deciding upon your thesis and conclusion? Do you spew words before refining? Do you outline before proceeding?

Draw upon different sides of your brain, especially when stuck. You may surprise yourself.