Monday, December 7, 2015

Ask Questions

We like to have answers. You can learn a lot about what and how you think by asking questions of others because:

  • the answers will give you insight into what you are really asking, especially if not answered
  • you may gain knowledge you didn't previously possess
  • new information may open the door to new areas of thought
  • if the answer is an opinion, you can compare it to what you believe
  • the question you ask may lead you to what you what you really want to know
Thinkers try on new ideas like a compulsive shopper. When they fit, they can make for an entirely new presentation of your core ideas. Sometimes they don't suit one model of thought, but coordinate beautifully with another. Other times they won't fit and you are required to discard them. This seems simple and obvious, but requires practice to assure emotional baggage doesn't color or distract from what you believe to be true.

Practice asking questions for insight and the integration of new information rather than confirmation and validation. In taking yourself and your personal needs out of the questions, you are better able to focus on the ideas and the mental processing that goes with understanding those ideas.