Sunday, July 2, 2017

Twitter Arguments

The president uses Twitter as a direct means of communication to the American people and the world, and his tweet will be preserved as historical documents.

Twitter is an opportunity to reduce and refine arguments to their essence. Users are invited to offer research to support their arguments. Sometimes pics or comics further reduce the argument into visual terms that communicate effectively.

Twitter can also diminish the power of meaningful debate. One danger is relying on rhetoric instead of addressing specific arguments. A focus on detail can distract from the big picture. Assumptions about the definition of labels can trigger misunderstandings and inappropriate stereotypes. And then there are the trolls and bots whose only agenda is to promote their agenda.

Chat with those who disagree with. Mindful use of Twitter by connecting with those who avoid the dangers can be illuminating, providing resources and cites previously unexplored. It's really okay to change your mind.

And please - avoid name-calling and driving the