Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Dramafied Feeling Map

Whether it is face-to-face or online, interactions stimulate both thinking and feeling. The Dramafied Feeling Map is a way to track reactions to facts and opinions that contradict what we believe to be true. Articulating how we feel is a first step, but management is usually required.

EEEK is not only as much about surprise as it is fear. New information can threaten to disrupt the foundation of understanding.

POO allows sadness to turn into denial. New  information can threaten one's sense of self and identity.

UGH is a way of shutting down in frustration. New information may be blocked.

GRRR is the anger that comes with rejection that surfaces when our foundation of belief and understanding is threatened.

AH HA is that special moment of validation or acceptance when we integrate new information and gain new insight.

We cycle through these emotions when learning new information. Why? Because we are living beings. Not even the best science of the brain explains what that means.

Acknowledging emotional baggage helps us manage those feelings so we can think with greater vision and clarity.